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4 Things You Need from Your Battery Manufacturer *AFTER* You Buy

Your battery manufacturer’s support shouldn’t end when you sign on the dotted line. So what should you expect from your battery manufacturer after you buy a battery?

How Do I Know if My Battery is Sulfated?

Batteries are essential for powering a wide range of vehicles and applications that require dependable power. However, batteries can develop sulfation over time, significantly impacting their performance and lifespan.

Easy Golf Cart Battery Care: Essential Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your golf cart battery ensures optimal performance and extends its lifespan. Neglecting battery maintenance can lead to reduced power, shorter battery life, and costly replacements.

Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Protect Batteries from Early Death

Heat kills batteries – but it doesn’t have to, once you read this. Whether you’re powering a home, forklift, golf cart, or boat… … simple heat management drastically prolongs battery life, improves operational efficiency, and ensures you don’t lose power when needed.

Complete Guide to Protect Your Batteries from Winter Weather

Nobody wants to start the winter season with a dead battery. It's time-consuming and expensive – and let's face it, you'd rather spend that time cozied up indoors.

What are Deep Cycle Marine Batteries? Power Your Aquatic Adventures

Whether you’re fishing or boating, we’re betting you want the best performance from your boat and electronics. And that means you need deep-cycle batteries. But what are they – and how are they different from starter batteries? In the next few minutes, you’ll learn the basics, along with proven tips that enhance your batteries’ performance and lifespan. Let’s dive in!

North American Clean Energy: How to Reduce Battery Waste to Near-Zero

“Our transition to clean energy storage shouldn’t always start by digging a hole in the ground – and batteries should never end in a landfill.” – John Connell, Vice President, SLI Products Group, Crown Battery

New Power.Match.® Simplifies Industrial Battery Selection & Matching

Introducing Power.Match.®: The Easiest Way to Match Industrial Batteries with Your Charger and Lift Truck Figuring out which industrial battery fits your application can be time-consuming and frustrating. One size doesn’t fit all; you need a reliable source to avoid mistakes. That’s why Crown Battery developed Power.Match.® — the most straightforward industrial battery and charger search engine ...

Marine Battery Basics: What You Need to Know

If your passion is boating, knowing what you need to ensure your boat is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable is important.

Mark Snyder: Home Battery Installer & Master Electrician

Mark Snyder has been on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and consulted with NASA and the Department of Energy.