How to Make the Most of Your RE+ 2023 Experience

Let us help you embark on a journey through the world of renewable energy at RE+ 2023, where valuable insights and opportunities await.

With a bustling venue, numerous exhibitor booths, and a history of attracting a significant number of attendees, effectively navigating this North American renewable energy expo requires thoughtful planning. We are here to provide you with practical tips to ensure you derive the maximum value for your business and establish meaningful partnerships. Let's dive in!



The RE+ Events app (for Apple and Android) lets you view exhibitor information and schedules, find exhibitors on the floor, and network. It can be helpful for planning your day or finding the best route to your favorite sessions.

(NOTE: If for some reason the app is running slow on your device, be prepared to use the RE+ website as a backup.)



Using the app or the RE+ website, you can find information on all the exhibitors, speakers, sessions, and products on display. Choose sessions and schedule time to see the products and companies that align with your goals and interests for the year. (We find it helpful to prioritize the most valuable booths and sessions first, then plan to hit extras if there’s time.)



After years of remote meetings, it’s still so refreshing to meet with people face-to-face – and we highly recommend it. Don’t just connect with exhibitors and speakers; connect with other attendees. You never know when a new connection might move both your businesses to the next level.

By having a plan, getting social, and aligning your show plans to meet your business goals, you’ll be sure your trip to Vegas for RE+ gives you enough new knowledge, connections, and opportunities to make your next year a great one.

Want to make your planning even easier? Click here to read “Preparing for Your Visit to RE+ 2023.”


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