5 Lessons You Can Learn from Battery Torture Tests (Solar Power World)

Posted by Crown Battery on Aug 20, 2019 10:54:50 AM

How do installers like Mark Snyder run off-grid batteries for 23+ years? Click the picture above for the full story.

Some battery laboratories and marketing departments use hypothetical tests to justify inflated 10-year lifespan claims.


Back in the real-world, Crown Battery monitors thousands of test batteries -- and consults with installers like Mark Snyder, whose 23-year-old Crown batteries still power his off-grid ranch.


In this Solar Power World article, Crown Battery’s John Connell shares:

  • How to select the right renewable energy batteries
  • Storage strategies for maximum life, performance, and charge acceptance
  • How to avoid the “Depth Of Discharge shell game”
  • Tools to monitor and protect battery health
  • Simple techniques to make maintenance automatic


How do installers like Mark Snyder run off-grid renewable energy batteries for 23+ years? Just click here for the inside story.

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