Responsible Applications of Renewable Energy

Laws of Physics tell us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Think of bouncing a rubber ball. But this truth continues into other areas of our lives and businesses as well. Implement poor manufacturing practices or use inferior supplies and product quality will reflect that in higher fail rates and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. Fortunately, this can work in your favor as well. When product development is perfectly matched with company values, positive growth is inevitable. Read on to see how Crown is aligning for their future - and yours.

"Achieving sustainable energy and reducing your carbon footprint are both proactive. They are carefully conceived of 'who we are' and 'what we believe'. They are concepts designed to become one with our environment. We are all responsible. To you. To our world."

~Hal Hawk, President, Crown Battery


Proactive Steps

Crown Battery has a history of being proactive and taking the needed steps to make products and processes right. When Crown Battery launched into the renewable energy market, they started by evaluating the marketplace needs and developing an innovative array of storage battery products, not repackaged cells, that provide best-available power solutions for solar and wind power solutions. These batteries offer capacity ratings that range from 120 to 3690 ampere-hours (100 hour rate). 

Seeing the opportunity available, Crown integrated solar energy in their manufacturing operations to reduce their own reliance on grid electricity. This was done in an existing building they revamped to meet their production and business needs, rather than building new, thereby pairing efficiency with the renewable energy they were creating.

The third aspect of renewability comes by way of their Battery Recycling Program. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lead batteries are the most recycled and recyclable item in North America. These materials are 99% recyclable -- more than an aluminum can or any other battery technology.


Beneficial Results

When you consider the large selection of choices you have in battery manufacturers, knowing you have a company focused on being environmentally responsible as well as forward thinking in ways to promote renewable energy matters. The renewable batteries produced by Crown are ideal for energy storage in off-grid applications and for uninterrupted power supply for grid-connected users - giving you virtually unlimited configuration options, better temperature management, and more.

See these products and more of what Crown Battery Corporation has to offer at the Solar Power International show, held in Las Vegas, NV September 12-16. (They will be in booth #3005.) However before you go, be prepared for what you can expect and to make the most of your experience by downloading this free SPI Show Guide.  



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