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Battery Sustainability 101

Battery sustainability is front and center in the news – and it’s important for the environment and your bottom line.

Forklift Battery Charging Innovations that Improve Warehouse Operations

Crown’s advanced charging features ensure maximum battery efficiency and ROI… and minimum downtime.

Making Cents: 5 Economic Benefits of Lead-Acid and AGM Batteries

Recyclable lead-based batteries are 50%-75% less expensive than Lithium-ion (LI) batteries – while offering strong reliability and low or near-zero maintenance.

Crown’s President and CEO, Hal Hawk, Earns Battery Council International’s (BCI) Distinguished Service Award

Pledges Continued Support for Good Jobs for NW Ohio and Sustainable Energy Storage Across the World FREMONT, OH – Crown Battery President and CEO Hal Hawk was formally honored with a Distinguished Service Award during the BCI’s 100th-Anniversary Convention + Power Mart Expo. BCI is the battery industry’s leading trade association, and the Distinguished Service Award is its highest individual ...

Battery Solutions for Forklifts and Material Handling

Batteries ensure your material handling equipment runs smoothly and reliably – from forklifts to order pickers and work assist lifts.

Best Practices for AGM Battery Maintenance

Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are popular for their reliability, value, sustainability, and safety.

How long do AGM batteries last – and how can you boost their lifespan?

First developed for safe use in planes and submarines, absorbent gel mat (AGM) batteries’ near-zero maintenance and reliability save money – and keep your operations or free time activities running smoothly.

Exploring the Sustainability of Lead-Acid and AGM Batteries

Sustainable storage batteries are critical to successfully integrating renewables into the grid and powering off-grid buildings and microgrids.

Crown Battery Honored with MHEDA Most Valuable Supplier Award for 4th Consecutive Year

Crown Battery, a distinguished leader in the material handling industry, proudly announces that it has been bestowed with the prestigious Most Valuable Supplier (MVS) Award for its exceptional achievements in 2024 by The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association(MHEDA). This remarkable accomplishment marks Crown Battery's fourth consecutive year receiving the MVS Award.

The Rise of Renewable Energy: How Batteries are Powering the Change

The transition to renewable energy is no longer a pipe dream; it’s reshaping our grid and world. Here’s what you need to know about renewables + energy storage: