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Peak Shaving 101: How to Design your Peak-Shaving System to Lower Energy Costs

Posted by Crown Battery on Jan 10, 2023 9:40:00 AM

Many electric utilities are charging higher rates when there’s more demand (“peak pricing”). For instance, you may pay more for energy from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm — exactly when you’re using energy-intensive air conditioning or industrial/commercial machines. Your goal is to pay the lowest possible price for electricity. In this article, you’ll discover how peak shaving can help, including: 1. How to buy energy at a discount, instead of paying the maximum price; 2. What we can learn from Texas and California’s electricity price hikes; 3. Why energy companies use time–of–use rates; 4. Basics of peak shaving for profit and reliability; and 5. What to expect when you’re considering peak shaving.

Don’t Be a Victim of Greenwashing

Posted by Crown Battery on Jan 24, 2022 10:07:09 AM

It’s not uncommon these days to instinctively label particular types of batteries and their manufacturers as green, specifically, lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. And you can thank greenwashing for leading you to believe those products and the companies making them are doing what’s best for the environment.

Crown Battery Commits to 100% Renewable Energy for Manufacturing

Posted by Crown Battery on Apr 22, 2021 7:30:00 AM