Crown’s Battery Torture Tests for Reliable Performance in the Field

Batteries are critical for everyday living – from cellphones and laptops to forklifts at distribution centers, our children’s school buses, solar-powered homes with battery backup, and cellphone towers’ and hospitals’ emergency generators.

And the more extreme the operating conditions (temperature, discharge levels, etc.), the more critical reliability is to maintaining uptime, reducing stress, and improving battery life.

Here’s what successful business owners and other experts say about how Crown Battery can help you in extreme field conditions:

1) Slash downtime

Pike Systems provides full-service janitorial supplies and service for school districts, hospitals, and health departments.

My customers can’t afford downtime. If their batteries aren’t reliable, or if they have to wait for new batteries, they’re not getting their job done.

“With Crown, we can turn around batteries really quickly... and get their machine up and running within two to three days. That's huge.

“I’ve been here 15 years, and their batteries are so reliable, I can count warranty claims on one hand (and a thumb).

Our relationship with Crown has been outstanding from day one. I just know that I’ll have flexibility in getting parts and service.”

- Ed Bernal, Pike Systems, Inc., Montgomery, IL, USA

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2) Avoid warranty hassles and shorten sales cycles

Mark Snyder, owner of Mark Snyder Electric, is a Master Electrician. He has designed and installed more than 30,000 renewable energy installations in grueling field conditions.

Before switching to Crown Battery, Mark faced inconsistent warranty support and problems with tech support and cost.

When I buy or install a Crown, I sleep at night. I don't worry about the batteries. The product is reliable, the price is right, and the follow-up and shipping are good. And if anything happens or there are any issues, I'm covered. It's a terrific relationship with a great company."

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3) Boost reliability with US-made engineering and manufacturing

Former Bassmaster Elite Series Tour angler Michael Simonton has used Crown batteries for over 15 years – in fishing tournaments, for business, and during summers off from his teaching job.

I love the fact that Crown Battery is made in Ohio. You get better quality and reliability with US engineering and manufacturing.

“Plus, Crown [absorbent glass mat] AGM batteries are maintenance-free and 99.3% recyclable.

“They have lots of power. These days, I do six- and eight-hour tours with dual Crown AGMs for electronics. And my batteries are [at] 88% after six hours of fishing.

“So much of our fishing depends on batteries for our trolling motor, electronics, power steering, and live wells. The right batteries and charging system help you stay out longer to catch more fish.”

- Michael Simonton, Simonton’s Lake Erie Bass Fishing

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4) Save time and money with hands-on training and expert, US-based support

Jeffrey Allen, Inc. is a leading Florida-based golf car and battery supplier/distributor – and years ago, they chose Crown Battery as their sole battery provider:

Crown Battery does a phenomenal job of training, and the support they give my staff is fantastic. It’s reassuring to know that I can pick up the phone and call the president of the company and say, ‘I’ve got this problem. Can you help me figure out a way to solve it?’ And he answers your call or returns it promptly. I don’t see that with other vendors. It just doesn’t happen.”

- Ben Sverdlow, President, Jeffrey Allen, Inc.

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5) Avoid disasters

Grant Gallagher is a lifelong fisherman and 2nd-grade teacher from Fremont, OH, USA. And he needs reliable batteries to stay safe on the Great Lakes:

When you’re fishing on Lake Erie, you’re out 25 or 30 miles [40 km - 48 km] from shore. You have to rely on your batteries. That’s why I choose Crown.”

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Buckeye Power Sales sells, services, and maintains backup generators for homeowners, hospitals, surgery centers, water treatment plants, and data centers.

For some of our clients, if they’re down a minute they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars… they could even lose lives. They have to be up and running. It all comes down to the battery – and that’s why we use Crown batteries in all these applications.”

– Jeremy White, General Parts Manager, Buckeye Power Sales

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BONUS: If you’re operating batteries in extreme conditions, we can help. To find reliable batteries for your business, home, or free time – find your local dealer here:

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