Flat Plate vs. Tubular Battery: Which is Better for Mining Equipment

Mining operations are decidedly complex and many pieces of machinery need to work in concert in order to be successful. If a mining equipment battery is unreliable, it can jeopardize the entire system, so it is important to choose the right one. Here's what to look for...

Mining Battery Must Haves

In order for electric mining machinery batteries to rank among the best, they must meet certain requirements. Mining equipment batteries should be durable and efficient so that they can go for as long as possible between charges. Perhaps most importantly, mining batteries must be powerful in order to operate the necessary equipment with no issues.

Finally, mining equipment can be extremely powerful. That means that batteries expect to perform must be able to stand up to a lot of movement and vibration. A battery that can meet all these needs just might be the right mining battery for the job.

How a Tubular Battery Stacks Up

Tubular batteries have become a popular option for some mining uses due to their novel construction and promise of greater power. Constructed with a tubular design that exposes more surface area to the electrolyte, a tubular battery can seem like a reasonable choice for mining equipment. The larger surface area means a smaller battery can deliver more power. But that design comes at a cost. For instance, the concentrated lead mass in a tubular battery means that alternative current paths are decreased, leading to an overall less efficient battery.

Flat Plate Batteries Come Out Ahead

Ultimately, new technology in flat plate batteries, such as that used for the Crown Battery Max-Haul line has made it possible for flat plate batteries to not only compete against but often come out on top in head to head competition with tubular designs.

MAX batteries have a unique design and improved active material that gives the batteries features that mimic the tubular promise without the drawbacks. For instance, unlike tubular batteries, Max-Haul flat plate options offer tremendous vibration tolerance, which is critical in mining situations. Max-Haul batteries also offer a longer life - in terms of both durability and holding a charge. Max-Haul batteries offer nearly 200 more Amps than traditional Crown Mining Batteries without an increase in size.

The right mining battery for a situation can depend on a lot of things - from budget to manufacturer recommendations. But before jumping on the tubular battery bandwagon, be sure to see if those batteries can actually outperform the Max-Haul flat plate design.

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