Zero Battery Waste Guide: Cut Carbon Footprint, Boost Battery Life

Reducing battery waste helps your bottom line and the environment. The “Zero Battery Waste Guide” shows you exactly how.

Today, batteries power everything from our phones and laptops to bikes, cars, forklifts, trains, and cities.

Some batteries leave a global trail of waste – starting with virgin mining and inefficient manufacturing and ending in a landfill – sometimes on another continent.

And unless you know what to look for, you’ll end up footing the bill… and we’ll all suffer the pollution.

More than 500 hours of research went into creating Crown Battery’s new Zero Battery Waste Guide.

Our engineers combed through hundreds of scientific journals, news articles, and independent studies – and interviewed dozens of experts. They analyzed lifecycle audits, Department of Energy pilot programs, and international field tests. They extracted waste-reduction and battery selection strategies from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Fortune 500 warehouses, and over 1,000,000 battery installations.

With the Zero Battery Waste Guide, you’ll learn our biggest tips and strategies fast.

And you’ll know how to compare batteries’ waste from raw materials and manufacturing to end-of-life – and protect yourself or your company from supply-chain shortages and raw material price hikes.

“Near-zero-waste” batteries conserve resources and your money – if you know recycling rates, assembly techniques, and the other specs that really matter.

For instance, lower-waste batteries are engineered using 3D computer modeling and tested under a scanning electron microscope. They are then assembled using robotic equipment that eliminates common operator errors and reduces scrap.

At the end of life, low-waste batteries are 99% recycled and used to make new batteries – so there’s less new mining. All these factors reduce production costs and improve quality and sustainability.

The Zero Battery Waste Guide distills key findings into one easy-to-read source. In it, you will discover crucial steps that simplify comparing batteries’ sustainability and waste, including:

  • Why are some “green” batteries landfilled 95% of the time – but others are 99% recycled?
  • How can you profit from Zero Waste, and why is it critical now?
  • Follow these battery selection strategies for lower CO2 and waste – and greater ROI
  • Common battery killers to avoid
  • Done-for-you checklists to evaluate batteries’ engineering, manufacturing, and waste footprints – whether you choose Crown Battery or not
  • What it’ll take to close the Battery Recycling Gap
  • And more

You’ll also get just-released insights from our global sustainability programs, including how Crown became the first battery company to switch to 100% renewable energy (while keeping our electric bill the same).

To learn how reducing battery waste helps you and our planet – whether you choose Crown or another manufacturer – click the button below to get a free copy of the Zero Battery Waste Guide now.

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