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Watering Your Lead Acid Battery Made Easy

Nothing feels better on a hot day than a cool, refreshing drink of water – and almost nothing’s better for your body.

Going Remote: 7 Advantages of Using AGM Batteries for Remote Locations

When your batteries are in an isolated location, reliable power and near-zero maintenance are a necessity, not a luxury.

7 Easy Material Handling Battery Maintenance Tips

Battery downtime kills profits, KPIs, and careers. But fortunately, you can avoid downtime – and boost battery life and performance – with the proper maintenance strategy. Even batteries advertised as "maintenance-free" still require periodic inspection – especially in extreme temperatures.

7 Benefits of Using Crown AGM Batteries for Material Handling Equipment

Whether you’re managing a warehouse or shift operations, reliable batteries are critical for material-handling equipment like forklifts, lift trucks, and scissor lifts.

Troubleshooting Deep Cycle Batteries

Buying a deep-cycle battery for your equipment is an investment. And just like any product you buy for your business, you want to protect your investment. Regular maintenance is necessary to get the maximum life out of your battery! You must proactively detect and resolve battery problems quickly, efficiently, and cheaply. In this article, we will review how to troubleshoot your deep-cycle ...

How to Store Your Boat Batteries During the Winter

Nobody wants to start the spring boating season with a dead battery. It’s time-consuming and expensive – and let’s face it, you’d rather spend that time on the water. One of the best things you can do for your battery is to ensure it is properly stored during the coldest months of the year. Correct battery winter storage can be the difference come springtime!

Watering Your Lead Acid Battery: The Basics

Nothing feels better on a hot day than a cool, refreshing drink of water — and almost nothing’s better for your body.

Stop the Swap: How to Run Two- and Three-Shift Operations with Fewer Batteries

The days of three batteries per truck and old chargers are fading fast.

Renewable Energy Batteries: 7 Installation Tips that Supercharge Performance and Lifespan

With proper installation, your batteries will perform better and last longer. And today, you’ll learn our favorite tips to get you there.

Industrial Battery Safety Tips for Summer Weather

Heat kills – and when batteries fail, so do your operations. Industrial batteries are the heart of motive equipment. And your workers play a critical role in maintaining the operation of batteries and machinery. But heat is dangerous for workers and batteries alike.