Unveiling Battery Costs: Construction's Impact on Performance

What “bargain” battery manufacturers don’t tell you could cost you thousands in early failure and a fortune in downtime and reputational damage. Unless you know what to look for:

When battery companies engineer and manufacture batteries’ internal components to last, you get a longer life and better ROI.

But most battery cases look the same.

Since you can only see the outside, cheap battery manufacturers hope you won’t ask what’s on the inside or who’s behind the warranty. 

Battery manufacturers employ different raw materials, engineering, manufacturing techniques, quality controls, and warranty support.

What you can’t see still affects your bottom line: lifespan, performance, maintenance, lifetime costs, reliability, customer retention, and productivity.

But you won’t find these critical details – or any mention of technical and warranty support – on a battery box or in most battery spec sheets.

So, how do you know if a battery company makes solid products – or cheap batteries with poor support?

Let’s compare cheaply-made batteries to Crown:


Cheap batteries:

Crown batteries:

Attractive label?

YES, they often hire good graphic designers.

YES, AND we’ve also invested in modern R&D labs with 3D modeling, robotic assembly lines, and training hundreds of technicians and operators.

Plastic case?

Made-in-the-USA Engineering and Manufacturing?

NO: Often outsourced to the lowest bidder to hit a price point

YES: We design and manufacture all batteries at our ISO 9001:2015-certified headquarters in Fremont, OH, USA.

More energy-storing chemical material for longer life?

NO, because recyclable, self-contained lead comprises (60%-70%) of a battery’s cost. And buyers can’t see it.

YES: We use the most energy-storing material in the industry – and thicker steel plates to hold it in place – for more chemical reactions.

Durable components eliminate failure points?

NO: “Why spend profits on something that ‘value’ buyers can’t see?”

YES: Long-lasting, durable components cost more upfront but provide a much longer lifespan and lower maintenance.

Robotic assembly assists skilled operators.

NO: Built using outdated manufacturing equipment (lower fixed costs =...)

YES, including robotic Cast-On-Strap (COS) welding that allows for 3,960 more adjustments than manual welding

250+ point quality inspection?

NO: Limited manual inspection, typically by untrained workers in lowest-bid-wins factories

YES: Trained technicians closely inspect batteries. In addition, robots re-inspect using aerospace vision and other QC systems.

Random batteries tested from the production line?

DEPENDS: Typically “tested” using cherry-picked samples from the engineering lab

YES, we test off-the-line at random (and estimate power conservatively).

Proven in the field and the laboratory?

DEPENDS. But beware, any company that makes exceptional claims like a ten-year lifespan -- but whose batteries haven’t lasted that long in the field.

YES, our batteries have been proven robust, safe, and reliable for nearly a century – and we’ve refined and reinvented them with 3D modeling, scanning electron microscopy, robotic assembly, and computerized quality control systems.

US-based technical support?

NO: Generally outsourced, unresponsive, untrained, or nonexistent: Can you provide great tech support if you nickel and dime everything?

YES: Our US-based technical support team includes the engineers who designed your batteries. In addition, we retain experts in renewable energy and other fields to help you get unstuck fast. And our distributors offer skilled support in more than 40 countries – always with help from our headquarters.

Dependable, flexible shipping?

NO: Dirt-cheap shipping is slow and unreliable – and can cost you the sale or downtime.

YES: You get fast, reliable shipping at affordable prices because we have 14 distribution centers in the USA  and Canada, plus a global network of shipping and logistics companies we work closely with.

Real warranty backed by a company with nearly 100 years of support?

NO: Cumbersome or no warranty process. A warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

YES: We’ve been in continuous operation since 1926. Strong warranty, simple process.

Boosts your sales with strong marketing and technical materials, plus field training?

DEPENDS: Great materials would save you time and sales… but good technical and sales writing cost extra.

YES: In-depth marketing and technical materials help you close sales and simplify training. Our energy consultants can even arrange no-cost, on-site training.

99% recyclable?

DEPENDS: Flooded lead-acid (FLA) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) are 99% recyclable; other chemistries aren’t.

YES, AND our extensive on-site recycling program further reduces waste.

100% Renewable Energy for manufacturing?

NO, although we hope other companies will join us!

YES: Crown Battery is the world’s first battery company to use 100% solar- and wind-powered electricity for manufacturing.


We’ll be the first to admit it: No battery or manufacturer is perfect for every application. But the question is:

Which battery would you trust to run your business or support your customers?

Which battery costs more?

Just ask Dale Tea, Sales Manager and Co-owner, Town & Country RV Center:

“Before we switched to Crown, we didn’t skimp on price. But the other batteries still failed a lot more. And that meant more warranty headaches – lots of people, paperwork, and wasted time and money.

Now that we install Crown batteries in all our RVs and tractors (and my kids’ automobiles), I never have to deal with those issues. And they stand up for me.

My customers are happy, their batteries last longer, and I make more money overall. That’s why everything here has a Crown battery in it.”

If you want help comparing longer-lasting batteries – whether you choose Crown Battery or someone else – contact us to learn more.

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