Solar Powered Deep Cycle Battery

Posted by Crown Battery on Aug 13, 2015 5:05:01 PM

 When you're out on the road in an RV, one of the worst things that could happen would be draining your deep cycle RV battery. While there are many options for charging an RV battery, having a solar charging setup can be an effective  portable choice for long trips or even for charging deep cycle batteries at home.

How Solar Charging Works

Solar energy requires the collection of power from the sun through the use of photovoltaic cells. In order to harness the power for a deep cycle battery charger, a solar panel must be connected to the battery via a charger controller. This allows the correct amount of power to be transferred to the battery to maximizing its charge without damaging its capacity in the long term.

Crown Battery Renewable Power Batteries

Crown Battery has developed an innovative line-up of storage battery products that provide the best-available power storage solutions for contemporary solar and wind power systems. These batteries were specifically designed with renewable energy storage in mind.

Crown Battery’s renewable power battery product array includes the Crown Renewable Power Monobloc Series and Crown Renewable Power Module Series. The battery capacity ratings range from 120 to 3690-ampere hours at the 100-hour rate. Common design features and benefits of the Crown Renewable Power array include:

  • Rugged cell construction with Crown Battery’s signature heavy duty cast- on strap and terminal post structures manufactured in a highly automated production process deliver unmatched electrical efficiency and durability.
  • Low maintenance reliability ensuring reduced preventative maintenance frequency, lower PM service costs, and best-available ROI
  • Safe and easy handling with fixed handles or lifting lugs to enable safe and easy handling as well as the flexibility to be installed with or without battery racks.

Download the specifications for our renewable power batteries for more information.


Solar charging may not be the right choice for everyone, but it does offer a renewable alternative to standard battery charging for a deep cycle battery.

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