Practical Applications for Renewable Energy

Investing in solar and wind power to harvest natural energy is just beginning of a renewable energy strategy. Getting your investment to pay off is that critical step two that starts with the right renewable energy storage systems. Next month, Crown Battery will feature several RE storage options at the SPI show in Las Vegas, but here's a sneak peak of what you can expect.

The Crown Difference

Before you can appreciate individual products, you need to understand the difference Crown Battery brings to battery construction with unique features like:

  • Cast-on-Strap (COS) production that Crown Battery pioneered and refined.
  • Z3 design - Crown's signature "Diamond Z" plate architecture.
  • Posi-wrap™plate protection separators.
  • PROeye electrolyte level indicators.

The attention to detail from the ground up continue to set Crown batteries apart in the field.


Monobloc Product

One of the renewable energy products you will see at SPI is the Monobloc 6CRP525. This 6-volt, eco-friendly battery has a 525 Ah (100-hour rating) capacity. These batteries are ideal for energy storage in off-grid applications and uninterrupted power supply for grid-connected users - giving you virtually unlimited configuration options, better temperature management, and more.

Crown’s advanced technology and automated manufacturing also deliver design features, such as exclusive molded-in terminals that significantly reduce corrosion and maintenance costs. Their robotic welding provides 100 times the precision of more common manual welding, for increased durability and life.


Benefits to You

Crown’s dedication to engineering and producing exceptional products means you will receive the most complete, dedicated array of RE batteries compared to other manufacturers. In fact, serious RE system owners have rated Crown batteries as the “most reliable” and “best available”. But you don’t have to take the word of existing, satisfied customers. Stop by our booth (#3005) at the Solar Power International Show and see for yourself what this product (and so many other options) has to offer.



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