High Performance Marine Batteries


A boat is a big investment ‒ and intended to be a lot of fun ‒ every time the owner turns the key.

That’s why Crown Battery offers an unparalleled selection of starter, severe duty and deep cycle batteries for marine applications. Our lineup of proven performers includes entry-level to premium FLA models as well as our newest innovation: Maintenance-free Severe Duty AGM Batteries. This latest addition to our already dynamic product offering was exclusively designed to deliver the cold cranking amps, power and specs required by highly specialized, next generation marine motors. And, just like all Crown products, our rugged, reliable and safe marine batteries are proudly made in the USA.

What our marine batteries can mean for you and your boating customers.

High-tech performance. Low stress. Marine-tough. Thanks to our comprehensive collection of durable low- and no-maintenance marine batteries, boat owners don’t need to compromise to get worry-free performance, even those who own today’s most advanced recreational watercraft. And despite challenging operational conditions like saltwater use, heavy weather and constant vibration.

  • Advanced technology: Best-in-class CROWN1™ Severe Duty AGM Batteries are the preferred choice for marine applications with critical OEM battery specifications.
  • Wider selection: A full line of starter, severe duty and deep cycle batteries provide power for first-time boat owners and old salts alike.
  • Little or no maintenance: For those models requiring maintenance, service is fast and easy, eliminating guesswork and leading to more time on the water.


We’re committed to providing watercraft dealers, boat owners and battery distributors with quality power delivery solutions to enrich their lives. For over 95 years, Crown Battery has been an industry leader, and today, we have dealers on 6 continents in over 65 countries, serving battery and energy storage needs in markets ranging from marine to automotive, mining, renewable energy, material handling and more. And our world-class support is second to none.

To learn more about our marine batteries and accessories, including chargers, contact us today. We look forward to helping power your boat with what many believe are the best batteries available.


In the marine battery business, you’ve got to have what it takes to deliver. And that’s power. Since 1926 Crown Battery has serviced battery markets all over the world. With dependable batteries that deliver unmatched power when you turn the key.


The AGM Marine and RV battery: CROWN1™. No maintenance. Operates under rough, high vibration conditions, in any configuration. Power. Dependability. In 1 safely engineered package.