Why Do Some Batteries Last for Decades – While Others Die Early?

Posted by Crown Battery on Nov 19, 2019 3:10:00 PM

To get the best answers, we turned to leading battery system installers -- including a renewable energy expert who’s designed or installed more than 10,000 systems! Here is what is recommended:

Step 1: Don’t start with batteries.

Step 2: Read John Connell’s "Secrets of 24-Year-Old Lead-Acid Batteries" in North American Clean Energy magazine. Here you will discover:

    • Simple strategies to reduce energy requirements
    • Proven steps to select the right batteries for your system (no matter the brand)
    • How to get the right-sized batteries
    • Uncommon installation "tricks" of top installers
    • Storage strategies to get extra years of battery life
    • Maintenance made easy

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