What's the Right Battery Charger for My Industrial Battery?

Batteries for industrial equipment are a costly investment, so proper battery maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity of the products. Proper battery maintenance also includes selecting the right battery charger. Doing a bit of research before purchasing a charger helps ensure the equipment functions at optimum performance and that you can quickly and conveniently recharge the unit for future use. But how do you know what types of battery chargers to use for each battery type? Keep reading to find out!

Finding the right battery charger

Finding the right charger for your industrial battery doesn't have to be challenging, here are the preferred charging units for industrial equipment batteries:

High-Frequency Units

These units lower the power consumption and energy costs, making them an efficient and long-term solution. For some users, this can result in a complete return on investment in just a few years. These units should be used with lead acid industrial batteries.

Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

Comes with multi-voltage capabilities and are cost-effective. These are paired best with the standard flooded and sealed no-maintenance batteries.

Ferro Resonant

These chargers serve as the industry standard because they require little maintenance, are reliable and come with low upfront costs. This type of unit is best for flood lead acid batteries. 

Battery Charging best practices

And to help protect your investment beyond the purchase, here are a few additional charging best practices: 

  • It’s best to try to avoid completely depleting the battery before recharging it as this puts less pressure on the unit because it is charging up a semi-used unit rather than a depleted state.

  • Avoiding overheating the batteries by upping the voltage for a faster charge as that can cause overheating which will damage the charging device as well as the battery.

  • Store batteries on a full charge because they slowly deplete over time even if they aren’t being used in the machinery. Additionally, if they’ve been stored and unused for about six months, you may want to put them back on the charger to bring them back up to full capacity again.

The best charging system will depend on the type of battery selected as well as what the budget for the unit is. At Crown Battery, we take pride in providing the leading battery charging devices available today at competitive prices. Click here to see the options we have available.

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