Industrial vs. SLI: Comparing Battery Types

A battery is an electrochemical storage device that converts chemical energy into electricity. As most people know, batteries and battery systems come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From the small batteries that power a wristwatch to the massive ones that power large mining equipment. Along with the different shapes and sizes of batteries there are also different chemical make ups of batteries.  

Crown Battery manufactures lead acid batteries and maintains a wide product array of battery . The batteries are grouped into two main classifications: Industrial batteries and SLI batteries. Knowing the difference between these types of batteries can be extremely helpful for anyone looking to purchase or sell batteries.


Industrial Battery types

Industrial settings require many different power sources. Industrial batteries, used in material handling equipment, are just one way that manufacturing plants, warehouses, mines can operate efficiently. Batteries that fall within the spectrum of industrial batteries include:


Industrial Battery Uses

Industrial batteries are designed for durability and long lasting power. Industrial batteries like Crown Battery's MAX line allows large, complex material handling equipment to achieve long-lasting performance due to its high capacity design. Smaller material handling equipment also benefit from industrial batteries, which can offer considerable power and low maintenance, helping businesses to run more smoothly. Standard industrial batteries provide constant power over a long span of time and require regular maintenance, such as watering, as well as careful charging.


SLI Battery Types

The term SLI refers to starting, lighting and ignition. SLI batteries are normally smaller in stature than industrial batteries. These types of batteries are designed to start, run and maintain a power source to their particular application. The SLI battery types that are offered by Crown Battery include:


SLI Battery Uses

The two main functional needs for a SLI battery is either starting or cyclic. Starting batteries provide quick burst of energy to start applications. Cyclic or deep cycle batteries provide power over an extended period of time to an application.

Crown Battery manufactures wet cell also known as flooded batteries and VRLA and AGM batteries. Flooded batteries are batteries that contain excess electrolyte fluid so that the plates of the battery are completely submerged. The term VRLA stands for valve regulated lead acid battery. VRLA batteries are commonly known as a sealed battery, and do not require continuous maintenance. There are many advantages of maintenance free battery technologies.

Understanding the differences between batteries is key to determining which battery is the correct battery for your application. All of Crown Battery’s product array can be found on our Brochure and Product Support Downloads page. 

 As always the knowledgeable experts at Crown Battery are always available to help.

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