Electric Forklifts & Pallet Trucks


Lift trucks and other material handling equipment need CROWN1™, an AGM battery that's built for heavy-duty work.  Performance, endurance, power…ready to perform right off the production line.

General Crown Industrial Battery Information

Crown provides its customers with only one grade of battery - the very best.  Crown has never manufactured a second grade or lesser brand of battery like some of our competitors.

H2GO Industrial Battery

Increases the time required between watering intervals. Less maintenance. More uptime. Reduced maintenance costs. Standard industrial batteries require normal watering maintenance every 1-3 weeks or about 16 to 50 times per year. With H2GO by Crown Battery the intervals between watering are 9-12 weeks depending on application and usage. That means watering your batteries only 4 to 8 times per year which reduces the amount of time you spend watering batteries and doing more of what you do best...moving more products!

Industrial Battery Charging Systems

PowerHouse Chargers: The world leader in energy efficient chargers for all types of material handling applications.

Class III Equipment Batteries

Deep Cycle, CROWN1™ - These deep cycle batteries provide an ideal power source for Class III equipment. By providing clean, safe and reliable power, you can ensure your equipment is ready to work whenever you are.