Deep Cycle Battery Applications

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Designed to provide consistent, sustained power for long periods of time, deep cycle batteries are incredibly useful in a variety of different applications. Because of their specialized nature, deep cycle batteries are not always the best choice for every situation; here are some of the most common applications in which you’ll want a deep cycle battery.

 Material Handling

Forklifts and other material handling equipment run on electricity, and their need for consistent energy during operation makes deep cycle batteries the natural option. Forklift operators and warehouse managers need to know that they’re getting the performance they require from their equipment, necessitating a deep cycle battery that can handle occasional deep discharge for periods of extended use, as well as one with a long performance life to maximize their return on investment.

In addition to performance, deep cycle batteries perform a unique function in forklifts that are less present in other applications. The shape and size of the battery is incorporated into the design to serve as a counterweight to the materials that are being lifted and transported. This dual purpose means that deep cycle batteries used for forklifts - usually flooded or wet cell batteries - need to be carefully maintained to ensure safety as well as optimal performance.


Marine Applications

Boats have a few different reasons to require battery power. First a starter battery that can deliver a large amount of power in a short amount of time is necessary to start the engine, then the boat’s power is provided by a deep cycle battery for other electronic needs, such as a GPS, radio, fish finder, as well as any lights and other amenities. While flooded lead acid batteries are the most common type of deep cycle battery, many users prefer the maintenance-free ease of a VRLA, or vent regulated lead acid, battery, which also are better in the face of the weather and water conditions in marine applications.

Some boat owners will even use hybrid batteries which are capable of acting as the starter and deep cycle power source for the boat. The requirement to deliver both short, intense bursts of power and consistent power for long periods of time does, however, wear down the battery more quickly, and may require more frequent replacement.


Golf Carts

Golf carts are essentially just small electric vehicles, and therefore need a battery that can supply power for extended periods. No one wants to interrupt their game to recharge their cart! While delivering power is critical, most golf cart users also want batteries with long lifespans that can recharge relatively quickly for more uses and more rounds.


Recreational Vehicles

RVs, like boats, require both a starter and a deep cycle battery. In order to power lights, refrigerators, outlets, and other electrical amenities, the deep cycle battery in an RV acts as a house battery, serving the RV’s power needs for those long weekends away. Deep cycle batteries for recreational vehicles need to be easy to maintain and rugged to withstand the weather conditions inherent in traveling, while still performing well during periods of deep discharge.


Renewable Energy Storage

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are great ways to meet your energy needs in a sustainable way, but when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, no energy can be produced. Deep cycle batteries can actually be hooked up to renewable energy systems to store excess energy that isn’t used immediately, then that stored power can be drawn upon during periods of little to no energy production. This allows users of renewable energy to have a reliable source of power without the need to tap into nonrenewable power grids.

Deep cycle batteries have many different applications. Learn more about deep cycle batteries with our free, downloadable comprehensive guide:

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