Off-Grid Living—Why I Declined Free Lithium Batteries

Pippi Peterson lives in off-grid in her solar-powered RV, year-round. Because of the popularity of her YouTube channel about RV living, Pippi was offered free lithium batteries – to which she refused. If you are considering any form of off-grid living, keep reading to find out why lithium batteries weren't a good fit for Pippi.

PIppi Peterson—Off-Grid Living

Pippi's nomadic lifestyle aligns perfectly with the off-grid living movement that's taking place. On September 2013, she completed her RV renovation, and moved in to start her adventure. Throughout her life she's been an avid DIY'er, which has given her the knowledge and experience to do all of her own RV off-grid maintenance. Living in RV year around can pose some challenges, but Pippi has no doubt faced and conquered them all.

With the start of her YouTube channel, success was imminent! There's not many people out there that can do what Pippi Peterson does. As her channel became more popular, she was approached by a company that offered her free lithium batteries. Often, one of the most expensive parts about switching to off-grid living is implementing a power source, whether that be self sustaining, connecting to an external source, or adaptable. As one can imagine, being offered such an expensive setup for no charge, sounds too good to be true.

She says she almost fell for the hype, which is easy to do. But as she dug deeper and learned more about the technology and the company who had reached out to her, she changed her mind. For her, lithium batteries for off-grid living just wasn't a good fit.


“I’m not going to be somebody’s guinea pig.” – Pippi Peterson on why she turned down thousands of dollars of free lithium batteries


In the end, Pippi chose the flooded lead-acid batteries to power the RV that she lives and travels in – and runs her business from. If you are considering joining off-grid movement, it's important to do your research and find the right battery power source options that meet your needs.

See the full story here – including the exact batteries Pippi chose to power her solar system and why.


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