Holiday Supply Chain Powered by Material Handeling

Because the Sleigh Might Not Be Big Enough for 2020

Despite the pandemic, financial analysts are forecasting consumer spending of more than $1 trillion during the upcoming holiday season. In fact, due in part to the Coronavirus-related precautions, some experts are predicting online sales to increase by over 35 percent. Taking these predictions and other rebounding commercial activities into account, combined with the significant rise in home food delivery and traditional holiday brick-and-mortar retail sales ready to officially kick off on Black Friday, the supply chain could be pushed to the limit in the coming days. Good thing Crown is on the case.  

We love a challenge  and while it would be an understatement to say 2020 has been one, Crown has played a big role in keeping shelves stocked and products showing up on doorsteps worldwide for nearly 95 years, and this holiday season will be no differentProducts from both our Industrial and SLI Groups are instrumental in keeping the supply chain rolling – over the rails and interstates, in distribution centers and warehouses, and right down Main Street. 

Leaders in railroad and OTR freight, material handling equipment and delivery fleets, as well as local restaurant and grocery delivery and ride-share serviceall count on the proven performance of Crown Battery Industrial and SLI products every day. We’re also the power behind traffic management devices, floor cleaning and aerial lift equipment and more ‒ helping drivers find the way and making sure stores are bright and looking their best when shoppers arrive ‒ and leave! The one thing all these customers have in common is knowing they can rest assured we’re going to hold up our end of the bargain, regardless of how busy it gets. 

This is Crown’s time to shine, and we’re particularly happy to help spread the joy to cap off a year in which we could all use a little more than normal.  

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