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Set a Course for (Maintenance-Free) Fun this Spring with CROWN1™ AGM Marine Batteries

Posted by Crown Battery on Mar 31, 2022 3:00:00 PM

Days on the water should be enjoyable and carefree ‒ that’s why if you’re investing in a new battery this season, a CROWN1™ Maintenance-free Severe Duty AGM model is the right choice. Today’s highly specialized motors call for equally advanced AGM batteries to deliver the CCA and power they need, so we developed and introduced a high-tech, low-stress and no-maintenance AGM solution to our already powerful marine battery lineup.

Spring Fever is Coming On ‒ Make Sure Your Marine and Golf Cart Batteries are Ready when the Action Heats Up

Posted by Crown Battery on Mar 23, 2022 3:30:00 PM

Spring is so close, that you can almost taste that first day on the water or fairway! So it's important to take the time now to make sure your batteries are ready to go and you won’t miss a minute of glorious springtime fun ‒ and our Spring Start-Up Guide will quickly and easily show you how to get the most life, performance, and fun out of your batteries.

Battery Start-Up Guide: Get Ready to Power Up the Warm Weather Fun

Posted by Crown Battery on Mar 15, 2021 11:33:01 AM

Ready, Set, Spring! It’s been a long winter. And aren’t they all when you are chomping at the bit to tool your cart up to the first tee box or open the throttle when leaving the marina’s no-wake zone? But before you take off, there's a few things you'll need to check in your battery for a smooth start to your spring activities. That’s why Crown is here to help get you back to the activities you love as quickly as possible with our battery Spring Start-Up Guide.

How to Store Your Golf Cart for Off-Season

Posted by Crown Battery on Oct 18, 2018 9:48:00 AM

In snow-prone areas of the country, avid golfers dread the snap of cold that comes later in the year. For those of us who are unable to enjoy year-round golfing, it’s important to take steps to make sure that all of our golfing equipment is ready for the first clear day in the spring -- and that includes golf cars. Winterizing your electric golf car for the off-season is critical to prevent costly repairs and making your first round of the new year as fun as it should be.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Tips

Posted by Crown Battery on Sep 25, 2015 8:00:00 AM

How often do you replace golf cart batteries? Extending the life of a golf cart battery is an effective way to improve the golf cart's performance and protect the battery investment. Crown Battery golf cart batteries are easy to maintain, however they require regular monitoring. With these tips, you can ensure that you get the best performance out of your battery and increase the lifespan.