How to Store Your Golf Cart for Off-Season

In snow-prone areas of the country, avid golfers dread the snap of cold that comes later in the year. For those of us who are unable to enjoy year-round golfing, it’s important to take steps to make sure that all of our golfing equipment is ready for the first clear day in the spring -- and that includes golf cars. Winterizing your electric golf car for the off-season is critical to prevent costly repairs and making your first round of the new year as fun as it should be.

Preparing Your Golf Car Battery for Storage

Simple, regular maintenance of your 6 volt golf car batteries during the off-season ensures that your car is ready to run when the time comes, but neglecting to care for them will leave you with a car that can’t make it out of the garage, let alone 18 holes.

  • Start by moving your car wherever it is going to be stored. If you plan on storing it outside, or in a semi-enclosed area that is still exposed to the weather, be sure to protect the car with a secure cover once you have completed the initial winterizing maintenance.
  • Leave the forward/reverse switch in the neutral position.
  • Depending on your golf car, it will have either a tow/run or a maintenance/run switch. Consult your user manual if you are unsure. Flip the switch to either tow or maintenance to minimize battery drain and reduce fire hazard and risk of the car starting unexpectedly.
  • Fully charge the battery and water it with distilled water. Consult instructions from the battery manufacturer to ensure proper charging and watering practices are followed.
  • Check terminals and cords for damage and corrosion. It is possible for there to be corrosion present on batteries that still have lots of use left in them, so don’t resign yourself to a replacement if you see it. Clean your 6 volt golf car batteries with a mixture of water and baking soda before it goes into storage.

After the initial maintenance when you put your ca into storage, batteries should be charged and water levels checked at least monthly while not in use. A depleted battery or electrolyte levels that fall too low may not charge come spring, leaving you with an unusable golf car. You should also do another round of in-depth cleaning and maintenance before attempting to start the vehicle after storage.

Other Things To Do Before Long-Term Storage

  • Do not engage the parking brake, but do secure the car from rolling.
  • Check compartments and remove perishables, as well as all belongings if not stored in a secure location.
  • Check tire pressure and re-inflate tires, if necessary.
  • Clean flooring and upholstery.
  • Remove keys and store them in a safe and memorable location.

With proper maintenance and care, your golf car will be ready to go as soon as weather permits you to break out the clubs again!

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