Product Spotlight: 6CRP525

Posted by Crown Battery on Jun 1, 2018 9:14:00 AM



201805-CrownBattery-Product_Spotlight_6CRP525The eco-friendly Monobloc 6CRP525 is designed from the ground up for renewable energy. The 6-volt batteryhas a 525 Ah (100-hour rating) capacity. It uses robotic assembly, the industry’s heaviest plates, and more active materials for enhanced performance and lifespan.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this style of battery is the most recycled and recyclable item in North America. It’s 99% recyclable -- more than an aluminum can or any other battery technology.


These batteries are ideal for energy storage in off-grid applications and for uninterrupted power supply for grid-connected users - giving you virtually unlimited configuration options, better temperature management, and more.

And they are made at a plant with roof-mounted solar and wind arrays, and every battery includes recycled lead and plastic to help protect the environment.


You’ll enjoy better battery life, reliability, and performance from the cast-on-strap (COS) production we pioneered and refined. And heat-sealing equipment, automated testing, and vision systems streamline production and ensure unmatched precision, uniformity, and power in all our battery lines.

Advanced technology and automated manufacturing also deliver lifespan- and performance-enhancing design features, such as exclusive molded-in terminals that greatly reduce corrosion and maintenance costs. And robotic welding delivers 100 times the precision of more common manual welding, for increased durability and life.


Finally, a convenient PROeye no guess indicator allows electrolyte levels to be inspected without having to open the battery caps.

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