Prolonging Motive Power Battery Life

Posted by Crown Battery on Aug 30, 2021 8:35:16 AM

A Key to Longer Life is Routine Maintenance ‒ That Goes for Batteries, Too.

In some ways, motive power batteries are a lot like people. Just as sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen can increase your chances of living longer, following a routine maintenance schedule as prescribed by its manufacturer can prolong the life of your motive power battery.

Today’s industrial motive power battery is designed to provide 1,000 to 2,000 duty/charge cycles, depending on the application and the operating environment. So, if a battery completes one cycle per workday, the life expectancy would be four to eight years ‒ all depending on how well it is maintained.

The following maintenance procedures, when properly conducted at the recommended intervals, are vital to getting the most life and performance from a motive power battery:

  1. Proper charging: The most important part of routine battery maintenance is the proper charging. While today’s automatic voltage-controlled chargers can take the guesswork out of charging, it’s critical to strictly follow the charging protocols for your battery and implement a schedule.

  2. Adding water: A certain amount of water loss in batteries is normal and it must be replaced with distilled or reverse osmosis water. Low electrolyte level in a cell can cause the plates to oxidize and shorten the life of the cell and, subsequently, the battery.

  3. Cleaning: The frequency of cleaning depends upon how quickly dust and other foreign matter as well as inadvertent electrolyte spillage accumulates on the battery. When the top of a battery is dirty or looks damp, it should be cleaned.

And remember, just like many successful fitness programs, developing a schedule and keeping records of maintenance conducted will help you stay with the routine and prolong the useful life of your motive power battery.

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