Improve battery charging safety, ROI and lifespan with this quick Best Practices Guide

Forklift Battery Charging Best Practices

Without proper charging and maintenance, you could be in for a rude awakening when you return leased batteries or try to get warranty claims after early failure. Why? Because all batteries require care to operate at their best. And every battery lessor and warranty requires proper charging and maintenance.


All else being equal, battery charging and maintenance are the #1 difference between smooth, safe, and profitable operations... and unreliable, unsafe, unprofitable ones.

Of course, you want your operations to be dependable and profitable. And you want to avoid accidents, downtime, and unnecessary maintenance or replacement.

So how do you protect your employees, operations, and battery investment? And how do you make sure employees follow best practices every time... without mistakes or re-training?


Our Battery Charging Best Practices Guide

Our engineers and field sales team studied more than 100 applications -- and curated a short-list of charging best practices. To save your time, they compressed the most important steps into this single-page battery charging and maintenance guide. It’s our gift to you for investing in your operational efficiency and safety.

Inside this one-page charging guide, you’ll discover the best practices and “tricks” that:

  • Improve employee safety
  • Simplify and streamline battery inspection
  • Speed up common charging and maintenance procedures, while ensuring they’re done correctly – every time
  • Keep batteries running smoothly with less effort
  • Bring new employees up to speed faster
  • Maximize uptime and ROI

Anyone can follow these simple, step-by-step charging procedures -- and enhance safety, reliability, ROI, and lifespan. Click the button below to get your one-page motive power battery charging guide.

Get the Motive Power Battery Charging Guide Now

It works with any battery charger and flooded-battery type, and it takes just minutes to put to use.

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