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Protect Your Battery Against Extreme Weather

Heat and cold extremes will shorten the life of mechanical equipment faster than any other environmental influence. Not only is it critical to determine the right battery for your project, but to take proactive steps to extend the life of your investment as well. Extreme temperatures slash renewable energy system performance and battery life. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can save ...

8 Key Steps to Manufacturing a Quality Lead Battery

All trustworthy lead battery manufacturers mirror manufacturing and quality control methods for their batteries. The difference, like most things, is in the details. How your lead battery is built matters and manufacturers should be able to confirm if they follow these 8 keys steps to manufacturing a quality lead-acid battery you will feel confident installing in your machinery or vehicle.

A Tale of Two Energy Sources

The Advantages of Renewable Energy Renewable energy is expanding as an energy source that is cleaner, more economical, and easier to harvest. Some of the most significant advantages are the abundance of supply, little to no residual pollution, and support of secondary industries. Dams create lakes for recreation and residential development, biomass reduces landfill, and land designed for single ...