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How Do I Know if My Battery is Sulfated?

Batteries are essential for powering a wide range of vehicles and applications that require dependable power. However, batteries can develop sulfation over time, significantly impacting their performance and lifespan.

What Causes a Sulfated Battery

Sulfation is one of the most common problems that affect battery life. In this article, we'll talk about what sulfation is, how it affects your batteries, and how you can prevent it from happening.

What is a Sulfated Battery and How to Prevent It

A sulfated battery has a buildup of lead sulfate crystals and is the number one cause of early battery failure in lead-acid batteries. The damage caused by battery sulfation is easily preventable and, in some cases, can be reversible. Keep reading to learn more about battery sulfation and how to avoid it.

What's Killing Your Battery Life?

It’s important to maintain the batteries that keep your machines and vehicles running. You already know that proper charging techniques are essential when it comes to battery maintenance, but do you know the things will kill your battery?