Grant Gallagher: Fisher and 2nd-Grade Teacher from Hudson, MI

Lifelong fisher, Grant Gallagher, explains why he trusts Crown batteries for every spring startup with his boat.


Q: How did you get into fishing?

A: "I started fishing with my dad as soon as I turned five. He’s still my favorite fishing partner. Like my dad, I’m also a teacher. My second-graders are fun and brutally honest. It’s hilarious! When I have time off, I’m always fishing. That’s sun up to sun down — 12 hours a day in the summer. Peace of mind is huge. We’ve always used Crown batteries since I was a kid. I was born and raised in Fremont, Ohio. Crown is a part of who I am. What’s new is the fishing technology, including the AGM batteries I switched to. We’re constantly on the trolling motor looking for fish with live sonar. The extra power (voltage) from my new batteries stays high all day, and that gives me more time to fish and a crisp, clear image on my electronics. I never worry about running out of power – and with fishing equipment these days, any advantage helps.”


Q: What does spring startup feel like?

A: “The Crown AGMs I’m running are pretty maintenance-free.

You load the Crowns into the boat, you’re getting ready to fish — you get butterflies.

You don’t know what to expect from the fish or the water. Knowing that I can trust my batteries helps me have a successful day out on the lake. And I’m hard on these batteries; I have my whole summer off since I’m a teacher.”


Q: How do batteries impact your time on the water?

A: “Batteries are everything in fishing right now. More and more technology is being used on boats — including innovations like live, forward-facing sonar. And that requires more battery power to keep everything running. I’ve been really impressed with how easy it is to run Crown AGMs. They give me a lot of power, and I feel better knowing they’re safe to charge and operate. That gives me confidence. And when you’re fishing on Lake Erie, you’re out 25 or 30 miles [40 km - 48 km] from shore. You have to rely on your batteries.”


Q: What would you say to someone who's considering Crown Battery?

A: “If you’re jumping into fishing and want a reliable battery with even better service, you can depend on Crown. They’re rugged and easy to use, too. You just charge the batteries up each night after fishing, and you’re good. With some things in the fishing industry, customer service is a nightmare. But with Crown, if you have any questions, they’ll take care of you. Their customer service is straightforward and second to none. For me, I’m proud that my batteries were designed and constructed here in the USA. I want to purchase dependable products from a company that supports their community. And when you’re way out there in the middle of nowhere, reliability is the first thing on your mind. That’s why I choose Crown.”


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