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Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA) typically have a long life and will perform well until the end of that life if cared for properly. Given that a battery is a significant purchase, a battery that performs at the top of it’s game for as long as possible will save you money and improve your ROI. Part of taking care of your battery means following the best charging procedures.

Following these proper charging procedures can help guarantee that your (SLA) battery will last as long as they are meant to. 


Use Proper Voltage:

Pay attention the voltage requirements as provided by the manufacturer and make sure the charger you’re using provides that charge. If the voltage is too high you risk damaging but too low a charge and the battery will never fully charge.


Don’t Try to Speed Things Up:

It may be tempting to try to up the voltage in order to charge the battery faster, don’t. Overcharging will cause overheating and excessive heat will kill batteries, fast. You also want to avoid taking the battery off the charger before it’s fully charged. This will cause the charge to drain faster than it would will a full charge.


Don’t Store on “E”:

Always store your battery fully charged.  Even when not in use, apply a full charge every 6 months to keep the batter in prime working order, as the charge on a battery will slowly deplete over time even if they aren’t being used.


Don’t Drop to “E”:

Do not let the charge of you battery drop all the way to empty if you can help it. Frequent recharges from a semi-used state, rather than charging from a completely depleted state are better for your battery.


For more thoughts on charging, and to get more tips for extending the life of your battery, check out this blog.


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