Industrial Battery Systems Charger Buying Guide

Industrial battery systems that allow for recharging are both budget-friendly and energy efficient. However, without the right charging system, the benefits can be greatly diminished. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the different battery charging options available for a variety of industrial batteries including how to choose the right one for your customers.

Determine Battery Type

If you have ever seen the type of consumer battery charger that plugs directly into the wall for AA batteries, you probably have a good idea that not every type of charger works for every type of battery. Before comparing the different systems that are available, it is important to determine what type of battery needs to be charged, such as:

Keep in mind that some chargers work for multiple types of batteries, while others will work for only one kind.

Calculate Charge Time

The size of the battery, in terms of the amps it holds, determines how fast the battery will charge using a certain charger. For example, a battery that is rated at 100 amp hours will need be charged for around 11 hours on a 10 amp charger in order to reach its full capacity. The smaller the amp rating on a charger, the longer it will take to fully charge a battery. However, chargers smaller in amperage are generally less expensive as well, so it is a matter of the user's ultimate needs when it comes to selecting the right one.

Compare Types of Battery System Chargers

Now that it is clear what type of size battery charger is required, compare the different types of chargers available. The table below outlines the most common types of battery system chargers.


Type of Charger Description Compatible Batteries
High Frequency Ultra efficient chargers (over 90%) that are also extremely lightweight and cost effective. All lead acid batteries
SCR SCR stands for "Silicon-Controlled Rectifier." Cost effective with multi-voltage capability.  Standard flooded and sealed maintenance-free batteries.
Ferroresonant An industry standard for industrial battery systems. Reliable and low maintenance with low upfront costs.  Flooded lead acid batteries
SCR/Ferroresonant Hybrid These chargers use a blend of SCR and Ferroresonant technology to improve efficiency Standard flooded and sealed maintenance-free batteries. 


Choosing the Right Charger

Ultimately, the right battery systems charger depends on the battery as well as the budget of the customer. It is important to stay educated about the different types of chargers in order to make the best choices. 

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