Crown Battery Celebrates 95 Years


1926, a small town in Ohio:

A German immigrant opens a battery repair shop in Fremont.

His last name is Koenig -- German for "king" -- so he names the company Crown Battery.

Of course, the timing is bad -- the Great Depression sweeps across the world just three years later.

But still, his business grows with help from great employees and loyal customers -- and advanced battery designs (for the 1920s).


Flash forward 95 years from inception --

Today, our team uses 3D modeling, robotic assembly, and scanning electron microscopes to build a better battery.

Today, more than 550 people make a living and a career at Crown Battery. (Many of them have been with us for decades -- compared to the high turnover in the manufacturing field.)

And today, you'll find our batteries in global distribution centers, electrical backup stations, off-grid charter schools, solar and wind farms, and data centers.

Many of our markets -- and yours -- didn't even exist back in 1926.

A lot's changed at Crown Battery, and we couldn't have done it alone.

Almost 100 years later, we still rely on people like you to bring good jobs to the community and reliable batteries to millions of people around the world.


Thank you for supporting us.

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