3 Ways We're Protecting Our Water Supply on World Water Day 2023

Everyone deserves clean water. And World Water Day reminds us of the need to protect and conserve our planet's most valuable resource.

Knowing how we use and manage our water resources is more critical this year than ever; we've seen droughts and chemical spills worldwide.

But sustaining our natural resources and preserving our environment for future generations is possible.

And as a leading battery manufacturer, Crown Battery has been committed to preserving water quality and safeguarding our natural resources for decades.

Here's how Crown Battery helps protect our water supply every day:


1) Recycle water onsite -- and clean it using 19-step filtration:

Through extensive treatment processes and a state-of-the-art purifier that includes multi-stage reverse osmosis with an ionizing bed finish, Crown Battery has been able to recycle hundreds of thousands of gallons of water -- and reduce the strain on our natural resources.

Two full-time technicians and a supervisor monitor this process. From mechanical filtration and aeration to an ultrafiltration membrane, chlorine, and testing -- our onsite treatment is closely monitored and inspected by state and local officials, achieving perfect scores on all metrics since its start in 2010.

Gallons of treated water discharged to City sewers

Lower is better. NOTE: Production increased during this time.


2) Exceed all regulations to protect our watershed

Don't take our word for it -- ask an expert.

Tucker Fredericksen, P.E, the City Engineer for the City of Fremont, OH, USA, says:

“The importance of water quality and conservation is paramount to the City of Fremont.  Crown Battery continues to exceed the City’s and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (OEPA) regulations by implementing various technologically advanced treatment processes and programs designed to enable the facility to recycle plant process water that would normally be directly discharged to the City’s Water Reclamation Center (WRC).  By doing so, Crown Battery is preserving valuable capacity at the City’s WRC and utilizing our water supply efficiently.”


3) Reduce water waste by building batteries with recycled materials

Virgin mining is often water-intensive. Because we use more than 70% previously-recycled materials, we minimize upstream water usage.

WHAT'S NEXT: How can you help?

Find out more about how to help this World Water Day.

And discover how your batteries impact the environment when you click here to check out our Sustainability Fact Book now.

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