Which Battery Technology Will Win The Storage Race?

Across the country, utilities are reducing subsidies to grid-tied solar users…and more homeowners are choosing battery storage for their renewable energy (RE) systems.

But which battery technology is best for you? And what innovative technologies can boost your battery’s lifespan, reliability, and performance?

In Solar Power World’s “Which Battery Technology Will Win the Storage Race?” Crown Battery’s VP of SLI products, John Connell, examines the future of the battery industry. You’ll learn which types of batteries offer the best value and what to look for in your next battery.

You’ll also discover how a new battery storage unit can dramatically increase your batteries’ lifespan – even in harsh conditions.

Read Solar Power World’s article to learn more about how you’ll store energy for your RE system in the future — and which batteries and storage systems you need for longer life and increased reliability.

Visit Mark Snyder Electric for more details about the self-contained storage unit that’s changing the way people live, increasing battery life, and providing electrical service to off-grid homes from Navajo Nation to South America and Africa.


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