Port Whitby Marine Supplies

Crown always gives me a quick turnaround and resolution. And they're easy to deal with. That saves me time and stress. 

Keep reading to learn how Port Whitby Marine Supplies boosts sales with fast delivery, reliability and testimonials. 

NewGrid, Inc.

Before Crown Battery, we were losing projects we should’ve won — and I had to make my own battery spec sheets. It was time to switch.

Keep reading to learn how NewGrid, Inc. is selling an extra $15,000 worth of battery banks a month.

Buckeye Power Sales

Before choosing Crown Battery, Buckeye compared batteries side-by-side: One big difference was the grids [which help with durability and life]. We pulled out a grid from Crown, and we pulled out a grid from a competitor, and it was a huge difference.

Keep reading about Buckeye's experience with Crown Battery.

Jeffrey Allen, Inc.

[Crown Battery's] support helped me streamline operations and add new revenue tools. Their reliability improved our bottom line – and our customers’ experiences. And they eliminated the time-wasters and frustrations that we thought were ‘normal.’

Keep reading to learn how Jeffrey Allen, Inc. is benefiting by using Crown Battery.

Pike Systems

Our relationship with Crown has been outstanding from day one. I just know that I'll have flexibility in getting parts and service.

Keep reading to learn how Pike Systems makes major fulfillment and boosts sales with Crown Battery. 


Batteries are the biggest part
about going off-grid. And our Crown Batteries are totally reliable, even during Wisconsin winters.

Keep reading to learn how MREA powers an off-grid solar trailer in hard weather with Crown Battery.

Mark Snyder Electric

Before switching to Crown Battery, Mark Snyder faced inconsistent warranty support, along with issues with tech support, cost, and more. Since switching to Crown, he’s gotten full warranty and US-based tech support, shortened his sales cycle, and increased profits.