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Safety at its Finest


Safety First. This expression is fundamental to our culture at Crown Battery. It represents our commitment to operate at the highest standards for employee safety and environmental management – a commitment that has been recognized by health and safety officials in our state and local governments.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation & Sandusky Safety Council presented Crown Battery and its employees with multiple safety awards for their efforts in preventing workplace injuries and accidents during 2012.

Crown Battery was one of only three Safety Council members to receive awards in all four categories:


app-icon   100% Award

Crown Battery was given this award for having an entire year without injuries resulting in a day or more away from work.


app-icon   Group Award

Crown was presented this award for achieving the lowest incident rate in each group.


app-icon  Achievement Award

For decreasing accidents by 25% from the previous year, Crown Battery won this award.


app-icon   Special Award

This was won for working at least 500,000 hours and six months without an injury resulting in a day or more away from work.


Safety Innovation


In addition to ongoing safety training programs, Crown has gone a step further and automated what traditionally were dangerous steps in the production process. For instance, many companies still hand weld using open flames, a process that started over 50 years ago. At Crown Battery, automated cast-on-strap (COS) machinery precisely fluxes plates and lead lugs together, keeping workers out of harm’s way while increasing product quality. And at the plant, every employee has stop-work authority to prevent unsafe working conditions.

During quarterly employee recognition sessions, all management, department heads, supervisors, and employees meet to discuss safety training and share suggestions to improve safety. And the company’s safety suggestion system allows any employee to share ideas and concerns directly with Hal Hawk, CEO and President of Crown Battery.

“No company could win this award without a great team,” says Hawk. “We’re proud of our managers and workers for incorporating safety awareness into their daily work, and we couldn’t have won this award without them.”