Traffic Management & Messaging

Traffic Management & Messaging Batteries

Crown Battery excels in the design, development, manufacturing, and delivery of a wide variety of heavy-duty “power solutions” for industry… including traffic control. Our line is second to none.

Our commitment to continual improvement within regulatory and statutory requirements has advanced our deep cycle technology to the point where our standards are what our industry strives to be. If you want traffic control, we give it to you..


Traffic Management Systems depend on CROWN1™ AGM Sealed Battery’s sealed, maintenance-free design to perform when traffic needs them the most. CROWN1™ can be safely shipped, charged, and transported with total peace of mind.

Deep Cycle

These deep cycle batteries deliver the powerful energy storage that delivers reliability in traffic control and messaging systems. Clean-running deep cycle batteries eliminate autonomy concerns and ensure low cost of ownership and operation. Crown Battery's deep cycle batteries are designed with reliability in mind.