Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Taking more people around the course and around town than any other battery

Whether your customers count on their golf carts to get from the first tee to the eighteenth green, run errands around town or a combination of both — they expect performance on demand. That’s why Crown Battery deep cycle golf cart and LSEV batteries are designed, built and proven to run longer and at lower costs than most competitive products, and engineered for easy care over their lifetime. Batteries from Crown are the choice of golf cart and other LSEV equipment experts, and can make your dealership their preferred supplier.


What our golf cart batteries can mean for you and your customers

Increased performance. Less stress. More fun. Crown Battery takes the worry and guesswork out of golf cart battery ownership, allowing users to enjoy a leisurely day on the links or a relaxing cruise around the community.

            • Durability: Our golf cart batteries are engineered and tested to last and withstand the rigors of long driving days and extended use.
            • Convenience: Innovative deep cycle design results in reliable and simple recharging, delivering the power needed for 18 holes and beyond.
            • Low-maintenance: Fast and easy maintenance protocol eliminates guesswork, meaning less time in the garage and more time on the course.


The Crown Battery Difference

We’re committed to providing golf cart dealers, owners and users as well as battery distributors with quality power delivery solutions to enrich their lives. For over 95 years, Crown Battery has been an industry leader, and today, we have dealers on 6 continents in over 65 countries, serving battery and energy storage needs in markets ranging from LSEV to automotive, mining, renewable energy, material handling and more. And our world-class support is second to none.


To learn more about our golf cart batteries and accessories, including chargers and watering systems, contact us today. We look forward to helping power your golf carts with what many believe are the best batteries available.

Golf & E.V. Batteries

The world’s leading Golf & Turf professionals won't send their fleets onto the course with a lesser battery. That’s why they only choose Crown. Powerful. Dependable. Low maintenance and extremely reliable. So why walk with the amateurs when you can drive like a Pro? Crown Battery. The true power in golf.




Golf and Electric Vehicles enjoy the performance and low-maintenance benefits of CROWN1™ AGM Batteries. Why be an amateur when you can drive like a pro…with CROWN1™.