Crown Battery’s SLI and Industrial battery products are manufactured on fully automated process lines featuring robotic Cast-On Strap (COS) assembly, precision welding, heat-sealing operations and advanced Acid Recirculation System (ARS) formation charging.


Crown’s Quality System is ISO-9001:2008 certified, meaning we have the capability to design, develop and build best-available battery products that work better and last longer.  Crown Battery’s quality system identifies key metrics such as customer satisfaction, process management and process results analysis to drive continuous improvement.


In The World of Batteries, The Real Beauty Is What’s Inside. Crown Battery’s SLI and Industrial battery products feature modern in-line solid-cast construction with precision automated welds that ensure best-available performance and reliability while our signature Posi-Wrap™ Plate-protection feature enables advanced protection from short-circuits and mossing to deliver unmatched longevity and durability.  Compare Crown to the competition…there’s really no comparison.


Crown’s modern one-piece solid-cast design provides a lower internal resistance so charging and discharging are optimum, providing a longer battery life.


Dense TBLS (tetra-basic lead sulfate) crystal content in the positive plate ensures more resistance to breakdown for longer life and consistent performance.



Some Battery Manufacturers Make Claims…We’re Making History.  Nobody builds them like Crown.  Nobody.  Because no one else has made the investment in people and facilities to do one thing: Build a better battery.  Our modern high-performance designs with advanced plate and internal construction are among the finest engineered batteries you’ll find anywhere.  And – our advanced automated assembly processes consistently deliver best-available performance, reliability and return on investment.  Combine these features with Crown Battery’s total commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and you’ve got a battery that’s going to last longer and perform like no other.

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