Get answers to your biggest questions at our Power Meetings

Posted by Crown Battery on Sep 19, 2018 11:00:00 AM

When experts have battery questions, this is what they do...

They visit Crown Battery (Booth #3204) at Solar Power International 2018 to get objective, hype-free answers from the source.

This year, we’re flying in experts from across the country to answer your biggest questions about energy storage and system setup.

They’ll be presenting during our free Power Meetings, a series of in-booth educational presentations that arm you with the latest insights on the battery market and best practices.

Meet the experts you’ll get answers from:

Guest speaker Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder

Owner of Mark Snyder Electric; independent system designer/installer; consulted with NASA, the International Space Station, and Steven Spielberg/DreamWorks

Featured in: Home Power Magazine North American Clean Energy, Solar Power World, and EmeraldPlanet TV

Chip Johnson 

Chip Johnson 

Battery Expert and Western Region Sales Manager, Crown Battery Manufacturing 

Featured in: Home Power Magazine, North American Clean Energy, and EmeraldPlanet TV

John Connell

John Connell

Vice President of SLI Products Group, Crown Battery Manufacturing

Featured in: ABC News, Home Power Magazine, North American Clean Energy, Solar Builder, Solar Power World

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • “What’s more recyclable than an aluminum can?”

Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 11:00AM with Chip Johnson at booth #3204

One battery is 99% recyclable. The other is 0%-60% downcycled. Find out which is which -- and get the facts on battery sustainability -- with Chip Johnson.

  • “Lead-acid or Lithium-Ion?”

Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 1:30pm with Mark Snyder at booth #3204

Independent system designer and installer Mark Snyder lays out all the pros and cons of both battery technologies -- all the facts, none of the marketing hype.

  • 23-Year Battery Birthday Party and Beer

Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 3:30pm at booth #3204

Join us as system installer Mark Snyder celebrates his battery bank’s 23rd birthday. Come for the beer, stay to find out how he did it!

  • “Secrets of 23-year-old lead-acid batteries (that still power my off-grid house)”       

    Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 3:30pm with Mark Snyder at booth #3204

    “My Crown batteries are 23 years old and still running great,” says Mark Snyder. “Here’s how I did it -- and what you can do to get longer life out of your installation.
    During this presentation, you’ll learn unconventional keys to long life, including enclosures, battery selection, sizing, and more.


  • “What they aren’t telling you about battery warranties”

Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10:30 AM with John Connell at booth #3204

The best warranty is one you never need to use. During this Power Meeting, Crown’s John Connell lays out exactly what you need to look for in your next batteries -- including red flags and five question you must ask about your next battery warranty.

  • “Why good batteries (and inverters) die early -- and what to do about it”

Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 1:45pm with Mark Snyder at booth #3204

After designing and installing thousands of systems -- and repairing other installers’ mistakes -- Mark Snyder’s created a series of steps to make sure your battery bank stays healthy and lasts longer.

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