How Installers and Manufacturers Brought Clean Energy to Navajo Elders

Posted by Crown Battery on Aug 13, 2018 11:53:24 AM

CANYON DIABLO, Arizona –The George family lived without electricity in a makeshift two-bedroom dwelling with toxic railroad ties and leaky walls...

...until a pilot project offered them a new home – the first green residence on Navajo Nation.
The Georges’ new home is a test for the Plateau Solar Project, a partnership started by Mark Snyder (Mark Snyder Electric) and Elsa Johnson (IINA Solutions) -- and government and corporate sponsors, including Crown Battery.

Together, they brought sustainable electricity and clean water to more than 40 underprivileged Navajo elders.



In this article, you’ll discover:

How the installer overcame brutal weather (110° F to -30° F) that had ruined other installers’ systems in under three years

The transformation for the George family after they got electricity and running water

Which products the installer selected to withstand nature and bring power to the people.


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