CROWN1™ Sealed Automotive Starter Batteries

CROWN1™ Sealed Automotive Starter Batteries

Automated Guided Vehicles

Lift trucks and other material handling equipment need CROWN1™, an AGM battery that's built for heavy-duty work. Performance, endurance, power…ready to perform right off the production line.

Golf & Electric Vehicle

Golf and Electric Vehicles enjoy the performance and low-maintenance benefits of CROWN1™ AGM Batteries. Why be an amateur when you can drive like a pro…with CROWN1™.

Renewable Energy Systems

CROWN1™’s advanced sealed technology is ideal for renewable energy systems. More power. Less maintenance. Long Life. All performance.

Floor Care Equipment

CROWN1™ batteries are ideal to keep floor maintenance equipment up and running. Downtime isn’t a part of our vocabulary. Performance, however, is.

Marine & Recreational Vehicles

The AGM Marine and RV battery:  CROWN1™. No maintenance. Operates under rough, high vibration conditions, in any configuration. Power. Dependability. In 1 safely engineered package.  

UPS & Power Management Systems

Whether it’s a UPS system for powering homes, businesses or remote systems through an outage, CROWN1™ AGM technology means that batteries are powerful, safe and dependable no matter where they are used. CROWN1™ AGM batteries are sealed and non-hazardous and be safely handled and transported without trouble.

Traffic Management & Messaging
Traffic Management Systems depend on CROWN1™ AGM Sealed Battery’s sealed maintenance-free design to perform when traffic needs them the most. CROWN1™ can be safely shipped, charged, and transported with total peace of mind.